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We aim to offer only the best quality products, with the priority for natural, organic, sustainable and cruelty-free. Everything that we sell adheres to strict regulatory limitations set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’s main regulatory authority.


*** Customers purchasing our clinical strength, practitioner-only products are required to upload a valid prescription before checkout ***

If you don’t have a prescription, simply book a complimentary consult with one of our natural healthcare practitioners today.

If you are uploading a prescription for the first time you will need to create a customer account.

If you are a practitioner looking to get access please fill out the application for a free practitioner account.


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    how we dispense

    Our tailor-made medicines and personalised formulas are as unique as our customers.

    Getting access to our healing potions is easy. After your consultation, your health practitioner will design a bespoke formula perfect for your personalised needs. Take a sneak peek at what we are currently blending in our herbal apothecary.

    Once your prescription is in your pretty little hands, simply select your liquid herbal tonic or flower essence remedy bottle from the dispensary shop. Then, when we know what we are making for you, one of our mixing experts will start giving life to your unique formula.

    The final product, lovingly and sustainably packed, will be send off to you to serve its healing purpose.


    liquid herbal tonics

    100ml – $29.95
    200ml – $59.95
    500ml – $149.95

    flower essence remedies

    50ml – $19.95