Low Amine Diet
words by Helaina Lungu

Amines are chemicals that occur naturally in a wide variety of foods. Many types of meat contain nitrites and nitrates and these can be converted to nitrosamines in the stomach.

Symptoms of intolerance:

  • Recurrent migraines (most frequently)
  • Asthma
  • Food allergy, e.g. digestive upsets, etc
  • Nitrosamines are implicated in the stomach, mouth, lung, liver, oesophageal and laryngeal cancers


Amine-Containing Foods


  • Low – beef, chicken, lamb
  • Moderate – chicken liver, ham, salami, salmon, tuna
  • High – bacon, mackerel, pork, sardines
  • Very high – beef liver, caplin, chicken skin, fish marinades, fish meat, herring, sardines, sausage, corned beef, frankfurts, tuna


  • Negligible – cottage cheese
  • Very high – brie, camembert, Cheshire, cheddar cheese, cracker-barrel, danish blue, dutch Gloucester, Edam,
    Emmental, English Cheshire, Gouda, gruyere, Jarlsberg, Leicester, Leiderkratz, Limburger, mozzarella, Munster,
    parmesan cheese, processed cheese, provolone, Roquefort, romano, stilton, Swisse, Wensleydale


  • High – milk chocolate, white chocolate


  • High – bonox, meat extracts, soy sauce, Vegemite


  • Moderate – Ale, champagne, sake, stout
  • High – beer, chianti, claret, drinking chocolate, fruit wines, port, red wine, sherry, white wine


  • Negligible – apple, apricot, gooseberry, lime, peach, pear, rhubarb, strawberry
  • Low – black currant, cherry, honeydew melon, mandarin, redcurrant, rockmelon
  • Moderate – dates, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, pawpaw, tangerine
  • High – avocado, banana, grapes, lemon, pineapple, plum, raspberry


  • Negligible – asparagus, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, celery, corn, cucumber, french bean, green pea, lettuce, lima bean, onion, potato, radish, soybean, turnip, zucchini
  • Moderate – broccoli, cauliflower, dill pickle, olives
  • High – eggplant, mushrooms, tomato
  • Very high – saurkraut, spinach


  • Negligible – acorn, American chestnut, buckeye nut, horse chestnut, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pistachios
  • Low – almonds, beechnut, cashews, coconut, macadamia nuts
  • Moderate – Brazil nuts, Filbert
  • High – English walnuts, mockernut, pecans, sweet pignut
  • Very high – black walnuts, butternut
Words by Helaina Lungu

Words by Helaina Lungu

Helaina is a passionate and experienced practitioner who has qualifications in naturopathy, weight loss consulting, and personal training. Her experience includes educating the community and practitioners alike about the benefits of and the latest trends in the natural medicine industry. In the past Helaina has represented some of the biggest natural health brands in Australia, like Bioceuticals and Metagenics, before founding The Botaniq in 2020. Her particular fields of interest include weight management, digestive, and mental health. In her spare time, she loves to listen to music, go for long drives, head to the beach, and go for a walk with her beautiful pug.