14-day Immune Boost

This 14-day do-it-yourself health program is designed to educate, support, and guide you towards an enhanced immune system. Learn how nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle choices may help optimize essential areas of your immune system.


This immune support nutrition plan is recommended if:

- You would like to support your immune system naturally through colder months

- You would like to learn how nutrition can support your immunity

- You would love more energy

- You are a slow healer

- Your skin breaks out, bruises or scars easily

- You suffer from chronic inflammation

- You are starting to notice sensitivities & intolerances

- You suffer from ongoing uncomfortable gut symptoms

- You have a history of antibiotic use

- You want to improve your overall health & wellbeing

- You want a immunity program with recipes and sample meal plan

2 weeks (14 days)

Following a immune supportive nutrition plan has shown to or may:

- Strengthen the first line of defence

- Improve adaptive immune defences

- Reduce severity of cold and flu symptoms

- Maintain immune balance, reducing inflammation

- Increase antioxidant intake, reducing oxidative stress

- Improve microbiome health

- Reduce the risk of chronic disease

- Support healthy cellular function

- Speed up healing and prevent scarring

- Promote healthy skin, reduce breakouts & infections


- Program Guide helping to educate and implement every stage into your life

- Food Plan containing recipes, sample meal plans and shopping lists for two weeks

- Other resources including program checklist, symptom tracker, and meal planner

- Complimentary 15 minute consultation with a Naturopath, which unlocks access to high-quality Practitioner Only supplements that further boost the success of this program

- Invitation to our supportive wellness community online



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