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30-day HCG Reset Bundle

This 30-day weight loss program is based on the popular HCG protocol, developed by Dr. A.T.W Simeons. HCG is a hormone normally produced by pregnant women. However, when taken in combination with a very low-calorie diet, HCG has shown to stimulate the release of energy from fat cells causing fast weight loss.

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The HCG protocol is recommended if:

- You would like to lose 6-10kgs of excess body fat

- You want to feel more body confident

- You want to lose weight without exercise

- You would love more energy

- You want to slim down for an upcoming event

- You want a non-invasive way to lose weight

- You want to feel younger

- You suffer with chronic inflammation due to excess body fat

- You want to improve your overall health & wellbeing

- You want a HCG program with recipes and sample meal plan

4 weeks (30 days)

The HCG protocol has shown to or may promote:

- Weight loss (approx. 6-10kgs)

- Improved body confidence and happiness

- Improved energy levels

- Reduced inflammation

- Reduced oxidative stress


- Program Guide that supports you through every phase

- Food Plan including recipes, sample meal plans and shopping lists

- Additional resources including program checklist, weight tracker and meal planner

- Complimentary 15 minute consultation with a Naturopath, which unlocks access to high-quality Practitioner Only products to boost program results

- Invitation to join our supportive weight loss community online



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