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Activated Nutrients Top Up 50+ Multivitamin+

Organic Wholefood Supplement for 50+


Our nutrient-rich whole foods deliver plant-derived vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants alongside enzymes, prebiotic fibres, and probiotics that may boost energy production, support the immune system and protect bone health in people over 50+. The ingredients in our products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers and are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and irradiation.


-Certified organic

- Pre & probiotics

- 100% plant-based

- Scientifically formulated

- Vegan

- Gluten, soy & dairy-free

We recommend a daily serving of 1-2 teaspoons (4-8g) depending on the quality of your current diet and nutritional needs. Mix with water, or add to smoothies for a nutrient boost.
AN Certified Organic Superfood Blend (Spirulina*, Alfalfa*, Barley Grass*, Acai Berry Juice*, Chlorella*, Guava*, Kale*, Goji Juice*, Aloe Vera*, Maca Root*, Acerola Berry*, Holy Basil*, Grape Juice*, Pomegranate Juice*, Rosehip*, Annatto*, Beetroot*, Chamomile*, Maqui Berry*, Green Tea Leaf*, Hawthorne Berry*, Kelp*, Liquorice Root*, Curry Leaf*, Lemon*, Nettle Leaf*, Kakadu Plum*, Amla*, Broccoli*, Ginger*, Shiitake Mushroom*, Siberian Ginseng*, High Vitamin D Mushroom*), AN Certified Organic Fibre Blend (Flaxseed Meal*, Inulin*), Sprouted and Bio-Fermented Pea Protein Isolate*, AlgaeCal* (Mesophylum superpositum), Natural Flavours, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Sacha Inchi*, Cacao Powder*, Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin), Bifidobacterium longum & Lactobacillus rhamnosus *denotes Certified Organic


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