Hemp Foods Organic Hemp Gold Protein


Armed with a complete amino acid profile, this natural plant-based protein is made with Hemp Gold™ containing 60% protein, it is easy to digest and good for your gut. A guilt-free energy boost with a smooth creamy texture, it is the perfect grain-free protein powder.

Our Organic Hemp Gold™ Protein Powder is made from Certified Organic hulled Hemp Seeds using a purely mechanical cold-milling process resulting in a fine powder that blends well. No chemicals are involved. It is a complete protein with minerals, vitamins and fibre that can aid digestion.


- 20g Protein per serve

- ACO Certified Organic

- Dairy-Free

- Vegan Friendly

- Easy to Digest

- 60% Protein

- Gut friendly

- Grain-free protein

- Creamy texture

- The complete amino acid profile

Add to smoothies, breakfast bowls, or use in baking.
GMO-free Certified Organic Hemp Gold™ Protein Powder (100%)* *Denotes certified organic ingredients. See attached for the nutritional panel.


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