What is long COVID?
words by Miriam Guscott

The spike protein in the natural COVID-19 virus replicates hourly in your body for 10-14 days causing micro-clotting plus brain, heart, lung, thyroid, liver, eye, ear, gut, cognitive, psychological, and nerve damage that will be permanent in 30-50% of those infected. Here we will discuss symptoms, how COVID affects the body and some of the holistic treatment interventions available.



Post-COVID symptoms can last from anywhere between 3 months to longer than 12 months. The symptoms are collectively known as post-acute COVID syndrome (PACS) or long COVID.


The most common symptoms reported include:

  • Brain fog and confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Insomnia or sleep pattern changes
  • Muscle & joint pain


Other symptoms include:

  • Digestive symptoms
  • Fevers
  • Neurological problems
  • Tinnitus
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes


how COVID affects the body

COVID disrupts our immune response system, particularly the white blood cells with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). MCAS leads to the overproduction of histamines that lead to inflammation of nerves, vessels and organs. Following a low histamine diet and taking supplements containing Nigella Seed can help to minimise the effects of excess histamine in the body.

The COVID virus also penetrates the blood-brain barrier & enters the central nervous system. When nerves are inflamed, they cannot function properly, which means the organs, muscles or other tissues they are supposed to control cannot work properly.

The inflammatory responses triggered by COVID-19 indicate a severe disturbance of the brain’s immune response, with the essential defence cells of the brain, known as microglial cells, becoming hyper-activated causing inflammation & dysfunction of the nerves that make up the brain.  Studies have shown that Palmytolethanolimide (PEA) helps support the fatty myelin sheaths that protect our nerves, yet PEA levels in the body have been found to be reduced after periods of illness, pain & inflammation.

It has been demonstrated in clinical trials that chronic neuropathic pain & inflammation can be lessened by taking PEA.

Research has found that gut bacteria may play a role in the development of long COVID-19, discovering that people with COVID had distinct changes in the gut microbiota compared with the healthy controls. They found the faecal samples from people with COVID contained more opportunistic pathogens or disease-causing organisms and fewer “friendly” bacteria. This alteration in the balance of organisms living in the gut, known as gut dysbiosis, appeared to be more extreme in people with long COVID.


therapeutic interventions

Treatment approaches include a diet that supports a healthy and balanced gut microbiota and is low in histamines, pre and probiotic supplements to replace depleted bacterial species and collagen to support the integrity of the digestive tract lining.

Sulforaphane, a key compound in broccoli sprouts, regulates Nrf2 being the cell’s natural defence mechanism that supports regulating inflammation, methylation and detox pathways. Sulforaphane is known to activate natural antimicrobial substances that help the body eliminate infections.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a protective molecule produced by the human body and found in every healthy cell in the body. It is also found in animals, plants and is found in foods like meat, eggs, soybeans, and peanuts.

Prebiotics and probiotics help improve the microbiome with fecal bacterium prausnitzii being strongly implicated in COVID.

An Organic Acids test provides a holistic overview of the critical areas requiring support. Gut microbiome profiling may also help identify those who are most likely to develop the condition.


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Words by Miriam Guscott

Words by Miriam Guscott

Miriam commenced her career in the natural therapies industry over 10 years ago after experiencing for herself the benefits that naturopathy has to offer. She has qualifications in both Naturopathy and Nutrition, helping individuals with digestive and metabolic health, being the foundation to wellbeing. She has a special interest in epigenetics & nutrigenomics and offers genetic & functional testing.